Paintings again

Maybe you will be able to see the pictures now?
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Anonymous said…
Beautiful, beautiful!
How fulfilling it must be for you to paint so expressively and of your travels and the beauty of your environment. Love it.
Thank you./ Lil
Elba said…
Thank you, Lil for you kind remarks.
Do you recognize the palm trees in front of the condo? I am going to try my hand at more palm trees today.
Lilli Ann said…
Ohhhh... so beautiful and the pictures bring back such good memories of time on your porch and place in San Juan and also the pictures of the girls in Maunabo. Palm trees to us are nice now, but especially WONNNNNNDerful in the winter days! Maybe sometime again... how long will Ana be with you? and are you spending the summer in PR ?

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