How silly of me. I thought I was writing only for myself and family and really it's okay. I love to write and like many people I need to express myself, either by painting or writing. Doing one or the other helps me in verbalizing my feelings and connecting to others. But anyway, one day I realized there were other people reading my blog. More than just my family and friends. Each time I would put up a new post, invariably the numbers on my profile check would go up and I got curious. Who are they? Where are they from? What are they reading?

If you want answers to these questions you can put up a site meter on your blog (if you have one). It is very easy. Blogger provides a list of recommended site meters and the service is free. You copy and paste the HTML they provide and paste it to the new element on your page layout and viola, you are in the know.

Not too much in the know, so nobody get frightened now. It is not invasive. Simply it tells me something that blew me away! People from all over the world read my blog: Austria, Romania, Japan, Peru, Dubai, France, Brazil, Portugal, New Zealand!,the US resoundingly the top reader, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico (second highest), Colombia, etc., to name a few. Please pardon me if I didn't include your country. There are over 30 of them so far, since I started checking. It also tells me more.

What do they want to know? Funny, it all the depends on what side of the bed they woke up on. Somedays, they want to learn to play Briscas, plant orquids, know what alcapurrias are, see pictures of El Morro, El Yunque, etc., also know why they call Las Croabas, Las Croabas, and sometimes read my poems or comments about everyday life. Oh, and sometimes to see art. Literally, three people will read Orquideas y Platanos, the same day, and then not one will read it for a week. Orquideas and Platanos has been my top entry so far to my surprise.

It's fun to check. I know I will get over it, but I really have been humbled by this and of course very pleased, not to say thrilled. I love to travel and meet people, and in a sense I am being reciprocated. So Welcome to my blog and don't let the numbers bother you!


You're probably showing up in Google search results. Does the log show you what site the people surfed from to get to you?

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