Two More, Hills

They both have to do with hills, the first with Calvary's hill and it is called The Old Rugged Cross, and the second is Blue Ridge Memories. One full of passion and the intersection of pain and glory, while the other is simply the glory of God's creation.

Today's Blue Ridge Memories is the result of my playing hooky. I had a workshop but I had a close encounter with a glob of shampoo. My God, I have been washing my hair forever and I don't know how I did it, but this glob of shampoo fell into my right eye and I almost died. It must have had some powerful abrasive because my eye is still hurting and it is the afternoon already. So now I have sore foot, a pending operation, and a throbbing eye. I am exaggerating. My foot is almost healed, and the operation is a month away and it should be an in and out thing, and my eye, should be well by tomorrow, Lord willing. So no need to worry.

South Carolina seems to be calling me up north for the weekend, it marshes and snaking rivers beckon me. The only thing I am not looking forward to is the six hour drive and sky high gas prices, but the reward, my goodness always blows me away. South Carolina is so beautiful. Once you cross the state line, and you see the yellow flowers and it gracefulness and charm. You know you are in another place. Most important though, I have such wonderful friends there that I love like family. If not I will go to the marshes near Merrit Island. Not quite the same.
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Lil said…
HI Elba,
Your pictures are so beautiful !
What joy this new adventure of painting must be for you! Please keep putting them on your blog--it's fun to see what "you are seeing" in painting God's creation.
Blessings & Love,
Lil K.
Elba said…
Lil, you don't know the blessing you are! I put up a big question recently and then I took it down but you answered it without meaning to. I asked if anyone thought anyone would buy my paintings and someone responded with not the most encouraging words. Though not unkind they were negative. Your words on the hand are very encouraging! Thank you! Love you, and please give my Rosie a kiss and a hug from me!

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