What a day!


Beautiful day here in Orlando. Spent two hours this morning mowing the grass and finally having a front yard I can feel proud of, thanks to the fact that it was 69 degrees. Cool weather makes a heck of a difference here in FL. Anyway, I am caught in the end of school triangle, correcting papers, setting up reviews, and preparing finals, all the while, looking to the light of vacation just down the road, namely June 6th! Woohoo! Can't you hear the laughter?

Anyway, I was switching channels when I came upon the NASA channel and they had some news about Mars rover and some tidbit about black holes with a lot of animation, and I loved the swirls. I think God loves swirls too. Just look at the Milky Way. So I thought why not play with swirls in my paintings? So my paintings two abstracts are inspired by NASA and space. Fun!
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Ranne Hammes said…
You know I like the abstracts and the swirls are a fun addition! Who'd have thot, inspiration from NASA?! see ya soon? ranne

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