Sweet Mother's Day Weekend in Miami

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Juan Daniel and I spent Mother's day in Ft. Lauderdale and downtown Miami. I am so glad I drove down. Though I got treated to royal dinner at P.F. Chang's, a tour of downtown Miami, a view of the bay from his soon to be condo on the 42nd floor, the best was a walk around Bay Park with him and just sitting on a bench, chatting and watching on one side sail boats, sleek yachts, and even a pirate ship come into port while on the other not far down the walk a bunch of happy doggies yelping playfully with their owners. Listening to him tell me about his plans made me very happy. Now that I look back, I don't think I had had such a pleasant time in a very long time. I would not have missed it.

The next day we went to Virginia's, who received us with her customary kindness and sweet hospitality. We enjoyed her little Emma and Alek and had a really delicious potluck lunch. It is so nice to have family. Thanks to both of you, I had a wonderful weekend. Love.

The drive home was another story. Once I got to Ft. Pierce there was news that I-95 was closed due to fires and I had to take the turnpike and my 3 hour trip turned into five, but I made it safe and sound with a basket full of memories.


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