Venus Gardens Remodeled


The house is done and Doris, Sarita, and Hector did a mammoth job, especially Doris y Sarita! Congratulations on a job well done!
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Ana said…
That is an incredible transformation. I am sorry to see the Selva outside the balcon go, does it make it hotter there now? But the kitchen and the house looks great. What a lot of work that was.
Sarita said…
La selva del balcon is gone and now there's a wonderful breeze and lots of light that go into the house. Still some work to do, but can be done without the time constraints we had. Deben ver el patio. Se tuvieron que cortar los arboles de mango por que tenian comejen, tambien otros arboles mas. Pero la diferencia es wowww. Vengan a ver. Ahora el patio se ve inmenso.
Sarita said…
El balcon esta delicioso :)

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