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Okay, something old, something older... Ponce de Leon Lighthouse at Ponce Inlet in Florida and San Felipe del Morro Castle in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. I love both places and love visiting them for their history, adventure and my own memories neatly interwoven in theirs.

Both places are extremely interesting to visit, both with their legendary history, El Morro designed by the Spanairds and built with Taino labor. This is where very famous Puerto Rican Criollos were imprisoned, many for very noble ideals such as the abolition of slavery. Then it had it adventurous side where this castle was sentinel and stronghold for the colony. The people of San Juan had to defend themselves against greedy attacks by pirates of the Caribbean and imperialistic armies from hoarding nations that would have taken San Juan under their flag. To that then you add my own personal history of sitting under the wind shaped trees ever leaning towards the north with my three young children settled for a picnic and an afternoon of kite flying. I know my memories were repeated daily by many other families. The trees are gone now, but the picnics and fun still continue though now under an unrelenting sun.

There are so many more paintings I need to do of that place, but I had to begin with one.

Then there is the Ponce de Leon Lighthouse, finished in 1887, whose noble purpose is in saving lives off the treacherous Atlantic. It is also a place that I visit as often as I have family that wants to go to Daytona to have lunch at Down the Hatch on the intercoastal waterway or stroll the beach, or watch fireworks in July. Whatever. Daytona is always a good excuse to get away from it all, see the ocean, and there is no better look out than being 175 feet up. Be ready to climb 203 steps to the top and believe me it is worth the climb. You won't be disappointed.
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