Did I mention my name is Elba?


How about that? Having a town named after me? Ha! Just joking! It was established way before I was born, in fact in 1884. But just for fun, Annie and I drove over to Elba, New York from Penfield which is about 30 minutes away. What a cute town, and the population is just right! It has a huge High School, nice restaurants, a historical society with a museum, what seemed a town motto, "We will survive," written on the front of a house, and its own post office. I got a chance to talk to one of the locals, the PostMaster, well Mistress, who thought my visit to Elba, was something she would have done and found it as funny as I did. To affirm my visit, I took a lot of pictures and sent myself a postcard and had it stamped from Elba, New York, 14058!
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Elba said…
It was fun and I wish you had been there to have a girls day out!

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