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I was revisiting some of my pictures in my Picasa collection and decided to edit my Alberta Trip pictures from a few years back. Now that Annie has moved to Rochester, it seems unlikely that I will ever venture there again. Those Canadian Rockies are quite a sight to behold! Yet it was precisely there that I had to deal with a little fear of heights. That is really a misnomer to be truthful. When you are dangling in the air at 50 or 60 feet above the ground, fear of heights is never a small matter. There I was with Annie and the girls, going up Sulpher Mountain and the fear was creeping up my back. So I did what I had done in Europe. I sang hymns. Well, it worked because I wasn't going to get hysterical or anything and much less with my two granddaughters in tow. I wasn't going to leave them a legacy of fear either. But at the same time, I wasn't enjoying the climb either. So we kept going until we reached the top, but I hardly took any pictures as we went up. And I love taking pictures. Anyway, once we were at the summit, it was breathtakingly beautiful. I enjoyed every moment, and snapped away. But we couldn't stay there forever. We had to come down. That was when I told Annie, about my fear and if we could pray about it. She said, "sure" and we did, and I felt strenghthen. I hate feeling that I can't face something, especially knowing that I know the Lord, and He can help me through it. So as I was about to board the funicular/gondola a thought came to me, that I was only going to start hyperventilating, and I rebuked that fear in the name of Jesus. I boarded the gondola with Annie and the girls, and I felt the fear leave me like a cloak. I felt so free from fear that I was able to stand up in the gondola, and take pictures from every angle, and I even stuck my camera out the window to take the valley scene. I had never enjoyed a gondola trip as much as I did that day!
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