Three Paintings in Oil


Let's see how they come out. On Saturday, before leaving for Ft. Lauderdale to see Juan Daniel and Virginia, I had to paint. I couldn't get myself to leave unless I painted. To my own surprise, I felt like painting with oil. I have painted with oil but I have felt uneasy about doing it. Mainly because painting with oil is messy while watercolor in general is very clean...I don't end up with paint all over my hands, paper plates, etc. But any way, I did it. I started with a bunch of square where I played with using the spatula, and doing all sorts of designs, and I like the bottom left hand corner the most and thought oh I want to do that in a larger frame, so I locate a sheet of canvas that I already had taped to a board and went at it.. It looks like a cave and the cave ends up in a lot of light, light at the end of a tunnel. The painting being a metaphor of how many of us go through trials and hard times, but there is hope. we will go through this but not stay in it. In addition, I still felt like painting, so I painted some irises. First only the stems. Now I was getting excited, but it was already 11:30. When was I going to leave for goodness sake!? So I left before any real flowers were painted, at least not any of the bright ones.But there was a promise a something to come back to and when I got back last night I think I painted a flower or two, but today was when I really finished it. Yeah!!
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Love the flowers. K says that's quite something. I don't think he had seen any of your other paintings before.
Elba said…
Cool, I liked it, too. The others I shouldn't have posted since I not really proud of them. They were merely practice pieces.

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