Christmas Decorations that Reflect Christ


Just a reflection... I have seen more Jesus in Christmas this year. Maybe, I needed to come to be healed here in this journey to see my mami in a hospital. One of the most loving and tender moments I saw was precisely in the hospital, when the Three Wise Men were visiting the children's ward. You could feel the love, and you wanted to be as silent as a mouse while I rolled the suitcase back to my car, so not to disturb the affection. The difference between a small theater and the ward were all the cables and tubes hanging from the wheel chairs, but their beaming smiles and eyes enveloped the wonder of Christmas.

In fact it was in this same hospital that I saw the most beautiful Christmas tree I have ever seen full of bows carefully made by one of their own employees Then las parrandas or carolers with songs honoring Christ wandering through the hospital floors, and others singing at the toll booth, and yesterday at the Dollar Store. Finally the beautiful mangers or creches in the Mall. That huge one was in Plaza Las Americas. Isn't it beautiful?

I love Jesus, and I am so thankful He came and left his royal throne, and all the comforts and adorations of heaven to humble himself to a mortal human body so we could know him, and so he could one day say, I know exhaustion, work, sacrifice, being used, ignored, hurt, and misunderstood and to know what it is to go through temptation without falling, experience rejection by his own people and still know the assurance of being loved by his Father, experience love and loss, as when Lazarus died, and the anguish of the cross. And still He came.

I love you Jesus, for all of this and who you have been to me. Not a God far away and unconcerned with my deepest needs, but a God who said, "I will never leave you nor forsake you," and it is true. You have always been with me, quietly whispering words of encouragement, warning, advice, and singing over me with love. For all of that and to know that you love me, with all my faults and weaknesses which are many and not new to you.

Thank you.

Happy Birthday, Lord Jesus.
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