El Morro y un flamboyan

Here are some of my Puerto Rico themed paintings, they are full of my roots. Again not the best pictures but I hope you can see them. The colors are a little brighter on the paper.
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Lil K said…
Elba, these paintings are beautiful ! Yes, you need to keep up this wonderful new hobby... looks so rewarding and fun! Now I see where your creative daughter gets her artsy-ness from! :)
Lovingly, Lil
Lil K said…
Dear Elba,
Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL ! I see where your daughter gets her artsy-ness from! What a fun and fulfulling past-time to be doing.
Enjoy-- Lovingly, Lil
Elba said…
Lil, Thank you so much for the kind words. It is a lot of fun to paint, though it is also work. It's a kind of work though that is so rewarding. Again thank you for the encouraging words.

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