Cubs Fever!

I can't believe it! I am going to go see the Chicago Cubs at the Florida Marlins Stadium in Miami. This Cubs Fever started a long time ago, around 1983, when cable television first came to Puerto Rico and to kill some time at home when I had three little kids, including Juan Daniel who was only months old, I would get them all on my queen size bed, and we would watch the Chicago Cubs with Harry Carry and Steve Stone. At the time, I had only liked baseball because we had played it on the street in Virginia, and my brother Edwin had been a real good pitcher in little leagues. So actually the love of baseball started way back. So flipping through the channels, I caught it. Harry Carry made the game so entertaining and understandable, as he explained strategy and possible plays. I don't mean to say I am an expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I do enjoy a game and because of spending time watching, Juan Daniel played baseball, we enjoyed Winter Baseball in Puerto Rico with major league players, and I have gone to see the Cubs play twice at Wrigley field, once with my two girls and their husbands ( cool thing is that Chris Annie's husband, really enjoys baseball, and I learn alot from him), and I think Juan Daniel went, too. It's a family thing. I love it. Look at them Cubbies!

Those Cubbies have changed a lot since 1983, when it was Ryne Sandburg , Mark Grace, Rick Sutcliffe, the Red Baron, Moreland, and Matthews. I can't remember all their first names but they were a lot of fun to watch, and listen to Harry say : "it could be, it is, a home runnnnnnnnnnn, Holy Cooooooooooooooowwwwwww!!" Yes the Cubs have changed and Harry and Steve Stone, are no longer making small talk about cigars, Bud light, Arizona, what a good looking ball player so and so was. Nor is Harry singing the seventh inning stretch, "Take me out to the ball game" off key and following the different hats, funny signs, pretty girls, and the bleacher bums, that Arnie Harris would capture on his camera. Bummer. But I still have the memories, sitting there on the bed, with two little girls (mis nenas), and nursing a bouncy boy and enjoying a cool home run. It was all part of a fun afternoon at the park, back in PR.

Oh, well, you have to enjoy what you have. I have the memories, and wonderful they are. And I also have a wonderful life. So many people have not had as many good memories, so I am grateful. The kids are all grown, Rosita is in Grand Rapids, Annie's now in Rochester, and Juan Daniel is in Virginia at Officer's Candidate School. Life changes. They have all turned out alright, in fact, so mature, and I love them and am so proud of them.

Last week when Juan was in town we enjoyed watching a Cub game on ESPN, and laughing with him was priceless as we watched and cheered as the Cubs won. Thursday's game will be enjoyed with my sister, Doris, who is flying into town the same day. When I bought the tickets, I had no clue who I would invite nor that the Cubs would be playing for the Central division and doing so well. What a treat! Maybe we can catch a game sometime, what do you think? Will it be Wrigley, Miami, or just my living room?


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