So what have I been doing?

Basically sleeping, working, napping, and painting. I have decided that if I want to paint I have to cut out unnecessary TV watching which is a big deal for me. Not that I like TV that much as being addicted to it; liking the background noise since there is so little of it in my house these days. Yet when I consider all the noise in my classroom, I am now grateful for the silence or semi silence at home.

Semi-silence since there is always Mesha, who often announces her need of company so she will eat, or jumps suddenly on my painting table while I am on the computer as she settles herself in front of the open blinds that face the street. That is the end of the silence.

Someone said at the art workshop that I looked like a cat person! What does a cat person look like anyway? How can I look like a cat person? I some one who likes cats naturally? Actually, I have learned to like cats but I have always been a dog lover, too. But now that I come to think of it, I did once have a cat way back when. Back to the conversation, to their surprise I told them I had had a dog for the longest time. So they are about as confused as I am!

Well, that dog I mentioned woke me up to a most unpleasant surprise the other day, just as I was heading out to work. My poor dog, who as you all know is up in years and by now, has a sensitive stomach and the poor dear must have eaten something that didn't settle with him and well he had an accident on my rug. And here I was rushing to get out of the house by 6:10. It was awful. How could I get everything picked up and get out of the house on time? I will spare you the details, but everything was picked up, then paper towels were placed to soak up the liquid, and then speed out to make it to work early. I sort of lost my appetite as you can imagine.

So again what am I painting these days? Of course, not about the accidents. Rather about all sort of things. I go in and out between nature scenes and abstracts. I am so glad to be painting. The more I paint the better I feel about brushes. Some time it seems to come so natural, it is unreal. I almost didn't have to look the other day, but feel. It's sort of like typing and there comes a point you don't have to look at the keys. You get carried away and that is what happened to me the other day. You will understand when you see my paintings. When is the operative word, since my camera broke when I was visiting the Greek Orthodox church in St. Augustine. It took a nasty fall on the ceramic floor and bounced twice and hasn't worked since. I know I have a service contract, but up to now, I haven't been able to find the contract, so the pictures will have to wait. Got to run and paint.


Ana said…
That sounds like a good week. The week has just flown by for us. Yesterday was spent driving back and forth to Lethbridge for dentist appt and Monday and Tuesday, clearing out the bedrooms and living room to give the carpet cleaner access to the carpets, that now look lovely and no longer a shameful spotty mess. Today we had a picnic with a friend and tomorrow a birthday party and dinner with friends before driving to Saskatoon on Saturday. exhausted yet?
Elba said…
Wow, Annie I wish I could give you a hand. I get exhausted just reading the list, pobrecita. Te mando un beso amor y un abrazo.

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