Yesterday, I got to ride out to Guajataca. I took route 22 which speedily takes you all the way to Arecibo. But on the way, we took a side trip up to Morovis, the only town in Puerto Rico without a plaza. Though it lacks the plaza, it makes up for it in the enormous amount of beauty on the way up to the town on route 137. The first picture is of a typical street vendor selling mainly hamacas or hammocks. I just couldn't pass it by and had to make a U turn to capture the colors. Down the road I also got a close up of the fluffy feather like plumes of the bamboo.

Once back on 22 we continued west side to Arecibo where highway 22 merges into Route 2. By that time my mom and I needed to take a stretch and we had a light snack at El Buen Cafe Restaurant. Though it is not far from the ocean, it doesn't have an ocean's view but the service is quick and clean. We had a bocadillo and freshly brewed cafe!! Of course, cafe, in el Buen Cafe.

After Arecibo we continued west towards Hatillo and then Quebradillas, with it's two huge centennial trees dividing the highway. People were rushing home oblvious to these two trees' beauty and I wasn't able to stop, but one of these days I will. We finally made it to Guajataca where regular Mirador was closing, so instead we had to go down the very narrow road that leads to the old railroad tunnel. Since this road looks sort of solitario or desolate, it gets you a little nervous to venture down there.

Once, I was out of the car and saw there were plenty of other people around, I started shooting away. Meanwhile, mom was in the car and got nervous and set off the car alarm which started blarring and got my full attention right away. I guess I was taking too long for her comfort. After that I was able to convince her to get out of the car and walk down to the end of the street and took many more pictures than those that are here.

My camera unfortunately doesn't take pictures fast enough to capture those moments when the waves come crashing into the rock ledges just off the beach creating huge splashes of water rising to envelope the shore, but I did the best I could. There were people picnicing, others bathing, and surfers riding the waves. I should have stayed the night. It would have been worth every penny, but I had miles to go before I sleep and promises to keep.
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