Life is full of Surprises

Part of spending time in Puerto Rico means visiting family,and that is just what Mom and I did today. Friday the 13th was far from unlucky. We got to see my late brother's family, Yazmin and son, Edwincito. He is already eleven years old and will be twelve in November. The years have just flown by but not in vain. Look how tall he is now! What about that smile. He is actually 5'3" and as pleasant as can be. He is willing to put up with a lot of attention and affection from his grandmother as you can see in the picture. When we arrived we were a little hungry and rather than eat at Burger King, we got Nardaliz to make us lunch. She and Yazmin have started a cottage joint venture and we were able to contribute to their budding business. What Nardaliz has in mind is to set up a lunch delivery service of criollo foods. I hope it works out for them.

Later Nardaliz, cut mom's silver hair and she looks sharp in her brand new haircut. You just never know what is going to happen around the corner.

Talking about surprises, when I got home to the condo, I hurried to get dinner started and peeled the panapen, in other words the breadfruit, and then went to use the restroom. To my surprise I found a whole bunch of white popcorn stucco on the ceramic floor. It turns out that the neighbors upstairs were remodeling a bathroom and did a whole lot of banging and that banging caused a big bunch of stucco to fall from the bathroom ceiling. As a result, I got to meet the upstairs neighbor, Irvin, who happens to be a total gentleman. He promised to get my ceiling fixed right away tomorrow morning. Contrary to my usual experience, my house is going to be filled with men, including the ceiling repairman, a plumber who is coming to check on the kitchen plumbing, and the carpentar who is going to start installing my new kitchen. I just hope I get to see a finished product sometime soon. I am not good when it comes to construction. In fact, I have suffered through it but never supervised it. So tomorrow is going to be an interesting day when I put on my supervisor hat. Thank goodness it will be the 14th. Nah, I'm not supertitious!
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Ana said…
Edwincito smiles just like all the Vazquez men. look at those eyes and mouth. How handsome.

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