Things I saw with my Granddaughters

Right in front of the Brooks Health Clinic there is the zanniest little fire hydrant of which I couldn't avoid taking a picture. But yikes, you canines stay away, she is only for looks!!

Then what would Alberta be without cattle? Some of these ranchers have the neatest designs for their ranches. I know I took a picture of one that was titled Badlands Black Angus, and when the girls and I were driving to Dinosaur Park, they had all the cows out with their brand new little black calves. It was a sight to behold but going a 100 kilometers per hour doesn't make it easy for braking. So I thought I could postpone the picture for my return trip, but when we went by later, they were out to pasture. And so was my picture!

Here's some cattle that obliged me with a nice smile, and actually a stare! When we came back around to take more pictures, they were surely wondering what were doing there again.
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