Queen Latifah in The Last Holiday

If you want to see a good movie, actually a remake of a fifties movie with Alec Guinness, which I intend to see, don't miss The Last Holiday. I sound like an advertisement written in a local news paper. The message was so good, especially daring to enjoy the important things in life and setting the right priorities. We may not all be called to be missionaries, but the life we are all called to live a life of significance, whether we realize it or not. The life we have been called to live, we need to live it with gusto. Be honest, brave, and deliberate. In a nutshell, the main character Georgia Burns learns she has only 3 months to live, and with this knowledge she makes some earth shaking changes in her life. There are so many messages, throughtout the movie, but the movie is held together with a thread of her conversations with God, asking him why? walking out of church, starting to live, and as things develop, other people start making changes, and taking action because of her actions. It is a very positive movie, which motivates you to take another look at your own life and ask, am I living my life to my full potential, are there things I would do differently if I had only 3 months to live, umm. That might be the topic of my next blog...


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