Living in a Condo Vs. a Free Standing House

World of a difference! Will I be able to adapt is the big question? I am glad I am addressing this question as I just began to start fixing my condo. My God is there a difference. First in Orlando it is rare to find people hanging outside your window and talking loudly after 8:00, as is the case with some noisy kids in my condo. Then there is this man who has decided to practice playing the saxophone in the building across from mine, since 8 to what time is it now, oh just 9:30. Finally the noisy kids heard the guy playing and when he finished tooting his horn, the kids applauded profusely. Naturally I thought that was sweet and I laughed. To my surprise the next American Idol came down to the street and joined the kids, and continued his practice downstairs, just underneath my bedroom window. What can I do, just laugh and enjoy it or be angry and ignore it. Well, actually I am going to enjoy it, regardless, maybe watch a movie and just see it as a Puerto Rican thing of people enjoying life! Yep, I looked out the window and it was a man playing the saxophone, and he is so thrilled to have an audience, so I am definitely going to let him enjoy himself!

About life in Puerto Rico, it is great! Everybody talks to you. You can start a conversation with total strangers almost anywhere. Today, as I was paying the toll, even the man watching me insert my credit card to pay was courteous and friendly. It only took seconds, but he made sure to make eye contact and smile, God bless him. He sees so many people go by and he took the time to be nice. Of course there are people who don't and/or aren't friendly but there are so many that are. It is a delight and I feel like a fish who has finally found some water. Not that people aren't nice back in Orlando, it's just that it is so compartmentalized and people are not as spontaneous. It is definitely a different culture.

The down side is that it is a lot warmer here. So I have to run and take my second shower today, but I know I will acclimate. Will I be able to adapt? I sure hope so, but will my attitude have a lot to do with it? I sure think so.

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