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I just had fun at, more fun than just clicking and typing in my zip code and getting the forecast which really is very routine. This is a little bit more interactive. When you get to the webpage enter a zip code, looking for the weather of a particular location, then the screen loads with the forecast but also with a new weather map of the area. For example. type in 00979 and you will get Carolina Puerto Rico. Since I am traveling there tomorrow I wanted to know what the weather was going to be like. To my surprise, there was a new sort of map available. The map is designed by Microsoft and is location specific. By this I mean you can find exact streets showing the current radar weather like the weather person does on TV. This is extremely important if you want to know where a particular system is heading and seems to be more relevant and precise. Recently we had tornadoes in our area and it would have been helpful to see where the bad weather was headed. What is lacking is corresponding pull down zip code or city list because if I want to check some place, like Rosita's weather, I could just click on her zip code or city. I am curious about her weather today since I saw that there is a winter storm in the area, south of her, and I presume it will go north. Having the map, I could see the movement and well, be better informed.

Just thought I would share and maybe you will try it out. You know weather is sort of like a telephone book, it means nothing unless you need something or are looking for someone. Then it means a lot.

In the meantime nothing much is happening here in Orlando, except the sale of my house fell through, which is quite alright since it wasn't the greatest offer, but now I will wait on the Lord for some showers of blessings. Love you all and I am glad to be back! Back to writing that is.


Ana said…
Does it work for Canada?

We are always getting calls from Chris's Mom and Dad that assume we have been covered in snow because they heard broad reports of the "prairies" being affected by storms. Sometimes is is SK that gets hit and sometimes it is us but more often than not the micro-climates around here mean, that people north and south of us have snow and we don't. Or if we do, that it will be gone the next day.

Like that day last week, we had a dusting of snow, but east of Medicine Hat it was about foot of snow.

I'll call you.


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