Happy Thanksgiving!

To all my dear friends and family, Happy Thanksgiving! Happy actually started yesterday since my students and I had a fun day at school learning about the pilgrims and the Wampanoag tribe at www.plimoth.org where you can have an interactive experience learning all about the first Thanksgiving. Later in the day, I was transported from chilly Florida to mild PR where my big sister, Doris, picked me up and the fun began. We visited Mami, and got into the flow of Thanksgiving by marathon cooking. I loved it! First we had a light salad with shrimp, and then on to cooking. I had brought some cake mixes from Orlando and we made a beautiful and tasty spice, yellow, and pumpkin cake spiked with extra vanilla, cloves, and cinnamon. We had a little bite, and it was yummy.=). While the cake cooked, Doris and I worked on the turkey and stuffing (mostly Doris) and the time just flew by as we talked about life, broken hearts, family gossip of course, many things we enjoy. That was good, too. We didn't get to sleep until twelve midnight, but it seems I am on my school time internal clock and woke up at 5;35 like clockwork.

Isn't this the way we should spend Thanksgiving? See the parade, hug your family, laugh a little, give a toast, and in our case play some Bingo.

Love to all and Happy Thanksgiving!


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