Stormy Weather and Miscellaneous Antiques

Just this Saturday, we had really stormy weather here in the Orlando area as a cool front moved through and knocked our temperatures down a notch, specifically 10 degrees cooler for a couple of days. It was late Saturday and I was shopping with Cassandra, she was buying shoes and a dress for her cruise, ooh la la, to the Bahamas, and I was just blowing money, when it started to pour. We could hear the rain pounding on the metal roof of the shoe warehouse. Getting out of the store was another challenge but it was nothing compared to the drive home. In fact, a tornado touched down in Apopka and blew some roofs off an apartment complex. Fortunately for me, I was driving the other direction. I managed to get to Waterford before the bad lighting storm pulled through and got Pup out of the rain and into safety. I had to enter Mesha, Juan's little tabby cat, first from the porch to the garage and then bring in Pup. Yesterday, Juan picked her up, yea after boarding with me for a week!!! Now I have more freedom of movement and don't have to worry about a feline on little cat feet with silent haunches watching the fog roll in. Oops that is another story...

Talking about animals, I saw the funniest thing today and if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it. Pup was barking at me to feed him, so I did, as I have been trained. Ha ha. Anyway, when I took the food out I heard this strange small like barking coming from the narrow forest next to my house in my miniscule back yard. When I took a closer look, it was a squirrel barking, believe me, barking and staring at Pup. And there it stayed for five minutes, and finally realizing that Pup was too busy eating to come out and play, it scurried on up the tree. What I would have done for a camera at that moment. You will just have to trust me on this one.

Got to run and smell the roses!


Elba said…
Actually I felt light enough to write for the first time in a long while and all those cute things happened. Later looking out the half opened dining room window, I spotted a juvenile cardinal singing and fluttering down for a snack. That was sweet, too.

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