Florida Sky and Savannah

Last Sunday, Juan Daniel told me to go and meet him and his fiancee, Brandy, out on Route 50 and I-95. We were so fortunate to spend around 2 hours talking at Cracker Barrel. For those who know how much he dislike CB, it was quite an accomodation.

After he parted for Miami, I was driving home and saw the St. Johns River. I would love some day to travel on a boat down the river, but Sunday was not going to be that day, but I decided to turn around and park my car on the road and take a picture near the bridge. But I was able to do a lot better than that. There is boat ramp and even benches to see the river flowing north. North because I think it reaches the ocean in Jacksonville and traverses the whole state. So enjoy the view.

The picture of the beautiful sky was from last week out side my house in Waterford. Isn't that a dramatic scene? Hope you like them as much as I did taking them.

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Ana said…
The sky one is beautiful.
Lilli Ann Koning said…
The rivers always look so inviting--- and the clouds' combination makes for one of those days one just wants to stop and enjoy and ponder. : )

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