I've taken up Watercolour. It is fascinating and at the same time I know I need tons of instruction but there is nothing better than, just doing it. I've done three recent painting, and two of the three, began as playing with the brushes and doing brush strokes in different directions. Today's painting though almost made me cry, because here I was playing when suddenly I realized I wasn't thinking about Florida, or South Carolina marshes, which I originally thought I was painting but an Alberta, Canada landscape. More a mix of the prairie and the mountains in the background. This painting fever really has me desiring to go to Boone North Carolina and take some workshops, or go back to school and take art classes in college. I know that right now I can be very critical, but I enjoy what I am doing, so here are some of my recent paintings. Like I told Annie, the one with the leaning lighthouse has to be fixed, and I am working on it, and of course add some birds, then the second is the little lighthouse which was a practice on clouds which ended up being a painting, and the third is Alberta, near Canmore. I am still working on the left side of the painting as you can tell.


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