End of the year, Graduations,and Goodbyes, and a Start of a New Life

I am sort of getting ahead of myself here, but here goes. I started writing this on May 24 and it is already June 1st. A world of things have happened since then. For one, it is already Hurricane Season, I have attended two graduations, bought a yearbook, classes are over, and I've said a ton of goodbyes. I hate it; I tell everybody every year. Saying goodbye that is. Saying goodbye is so final, isn't it? Such nice people to say goodbye too, and then there are those I wish we had a more pleasant goodbye. The position I was in didn't allow me to be everybody's friend. That was a hard place to be sometimes. But it is over. Thank you Lord for everything. Thank you for the sweet kids I got to touch in someway. The meaningful conversations in the midst of deadlines. The conversations with someone who was hurting. The prayer for those needed peace. The smiles and hugs of those who loved me. And thank for the hard lessons learned. Thank you Father, bless each and everyone I leave behind.

And now to a period of transition. It has been bitter sweet because I have so many changes before me. This year is the big change. No, not menopause, but that I am moving! At the present, I'm in PR temporarily until, June 14. So I have been painting today, getting the apartment ready, and clean. I didn't count on the smothering heat full of humidity. Those that know me well know that I hardly sweat. Well, I have been sweating like crazy, but I am very proud of all the things that I have managed to do. First of all I cleaned the porch and rid it of about an inch of soot and sand. Then I prepped the walls in the living room with caulking, and then painted it a bright green, reminiscent to a palm tree frond, la penca de una palma. Then I hung my first framed painting... No I didn't take it to an expensive frame shop but instead I went to Kirklands and bought a painting that was on sale for $9.99 and used the beautiful frame for my watercolor. And it looks awesome, if I say so myself. Can't show you cause I left my cable to download my pictures, but when I get back to Orlando, I will. In the mean time you all have a wonderful time. Give me the hugs, and hopefully no more goodbyes for now!


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