Spring Break

So what did I do for Spring Break? I took off for Puerto Rico of course, now that it is pretty much decided that I am leaving. It's weird being in this limbo. Limbo that I know I am leaving but you still have two months to stay here and two months to continue to relate to people and still show sensitivity about everything you do, and continue to build relationships and my friends that are not happy about me leaving and yeah, so its the limbo for me. Anyway, last week. I have to tell you about mom's glasses. About a year ago, mom went out to her back yard and one of the lenses to her glasses fell in her back yard. The glasses were relatively new and expensive, especially for a senior living on a fixed income, so needless to say she had not had them repaired or replaced. I had gone to the back yard several times since then on subsequent visits and had her explain what had happened, but I couldn't find the lense. So why I felt the urge to look for the lense again, this past Saturday, just the day after I had arrived from Orlando, is beyond me? But I had a big urge to go to the back yard and find that lost lense, so I did, but not before, specifically praying that God would let me see what nobody else had seen. So I prayed. and about 20 seconds later I found them. I couldn't believe it and I was sure nobody else would either so I took a picture of the dirty lense to prove it. I also called my sister Sarita, so she could be a witness. since Mom's memory is very bad, she would most likely not even remember that I found them. Sarita's voicemail came on and I left her a message. But the cool thing is Mom got her bifocals back and I got to be part of that focal reunion. Especially, since Mom's back yard is covered with large leaves that fall from a mango tree, and Mom never rakes, so finding that lense was like finding a needle in a haystack. God gets all the glory.


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