Mt. Dora Art Festival

Did I have a cool time today! I got to do something that is building me up in the direction I want to go. First, you know I am getting into watercolor, which by the way couldn't be a more difficult and delicate medium. Anyway, having this inclination and admitting it to myself has been one of the most enlightening things I have done in years. So today, seeing so much creative art, which included sculptors, hand designed silver jewelry, jingling "campanitas de cristal" handmade with multicolored glass tinkling in the cool breeze, brilliant tropical and old Florida landscapes, florals, boats, lighthouses on canvases,huge modern and abstract paintings, and laced art with contrasting light and shadows, with one white tent after another, too many to count, was exhilarating! I controlled myself but it was like asking a sweet tooth not to splurge in a candy store... So I bought two beautiful matted prints and a couple of cards. Oh, and some orange glass earrings. So I splurged! An artist on a budget... I also was able to talk a little bit of art with different people checking around for classes. Talking about classes, I might start going to a place called Crealde to take classes. I know I need to make a real effort if I want to polish myself because definitely there is so much to learn. Talking about learning, today, I was so pleased to break a stereotype. Even though I love art and painting etc., I have never been flamboyant like many artists are, and I was so pleased to see that some very talented people were simple in appearance and flamboyant in their art. That is where I fit in. So, I am getting excited. I might not mind this art business after all!


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