The attack of the Shampoo Blob or

How I accidentally squirted a blob of shampoo in my eye this morning...
I was doing what I do evey morning-- shampooing my hair.  For some reason, I decided to turn the lid towards me, about 8 inches from my face, to make sure it was open. Since the lid was being a little stubborn I must have squeezed the bottle as I also pressed the lid with my other hand. Then I heard a burst of air, and I closed my eye, but it was too late. Out sprayed a glob of shampoo directly in my eye, the likes of which my eye had never experienced. I couldn't even get my eye to open to pour water through it. It was awful, so I had to cry, to wash out some of the shampoo, and finally I was able to wash some of the soap away. A friend drove me to Walgreens to get eyewash, I already had the soap!! That and the drops soothed me for a little, but I finally relented and went to see the doctor. There, I got an antihistamine and lubricant, but my eye is still sore and yucky, so I am going to get an antibiotic filled, because to make matters worse, it appears to have gotten infected!!!! So what is the moral of this story? Add to your list of rules about life: do not run with scissors, never walk under a ladder, nor point a knife towards yourself when cutting anything, and never aim a shampoo bottle at yourself when squeezing!!


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