Almost a Month Late...

But here they are! These are my Michigan pictures of the week before Christmas and all through the house, oh oh, that another poem. Anyway, I was fortunate enough to have seen all my children within a span of a week. Juan visited the week before and then I went up to see Rosita and the day after I got home, I got on another plane for Calgary. (That will be my next blog.) I had no idea it would be snowing so much and that it would be sooooo cold. I had an old London Fog coat that hardly held in heat and very flimsy gloves, and as I drove across the state from Detroit to Grand Rapids I stopped at a rest area in the middle of nowhere, and it was then that I felt uneasy about my decision to go visit. It was dark, windy, snowing, and standing there in front of the refreshment stand stood a couple of men. In my mind, I couldn't figure out how anyone could be loitering in weather like this. I was gathering all my courage and debating to go in or not when a car came up and a pregnant girl stepped out to use the facilities. Her boyfriend or husband was in the car. Of course, if she could do it so could I! She left as quickly as she came, but as I was leaving the men were still there, but other cars drove up, these full of families, so it all worked out that snowy night.

The rest is history. At about 10 PM, after making lots of left turns, I finally made it to Rosita's new apartment, and she greeted me with a big smile, hugs and kisses. That made up for everything. Rosita and Kendall have an adorable apartment in the center of town and very close to a building with lots of restaurants and nightclubs. The only negative to that is that at about two in the morning the bars close and all these noisy patrons walk out into the street and always make some racket. I woke up on cue and watched their antiques and went on sleeping watching the snow drift down in the sky. Other than that her apartment, nine stories up offers a terrific view of the area, and its central location makes it easily accessible to the rest of GR. I particularily liked that her building is interconnected with other buildings in GR, including the parking lot I parked my car in through a covered walkway.

There is never a dull moment with them. It's like they are on another speed zone. Oh well, I think they understand. You know they are so smart but they don't make you feel uneasy about it. In fact, they listen to you and enjoy your company. I think I can go back and visit again and again. Don't worry Kendall, short trips! Once a year!

I spent half my time with Rosita and Kendall, and the other half with Lil and Phil, Kendall's parents. Kelli and Kara, had already arrived from college and were both there, too. It was a grand time any way you looked at it. I had fun all the time, played in the snow and played indoors. There was even a Van Haisma family gathering, and we played a game, called write to one hundred if you get doubles. Even the shyest person up there is very competitive, so it made for a lot of fun! You can see some of the fun in the pictures. While there I also got some serious time in by going to church which was wonderful. Also one on one time with Rosita and even visited her office which is super dooper secure. I even had to turn in my camera phone when I entered because they are concerned with corporate spying. It was one trip I won't forget and if you look below you can see a lot of precious pictures that speak for themselves, because I spent them with all these dear people that I love and enjoy so much!!! Especialmente mi Rosita! Thank you all for making it such a delightful time.=)


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