A pretty hill in Naranjito. Posted by Picasa


HAHAHA. Looks like you need to set up comment filtering. ;) That's quite the sudden upsurge of spam, and it isn't going to go away until you do something about it. The first step will probably be disabling anonymous posting.

Anyway, excellent photos Mami. It think your new camera takes quite nice pictures.
Elba said…
Crap. I especially liked the first comment, just joking. I just finished going over my settings and you have to be registered or a member of this blog to make comments. I am not sure I know the difference. Really it wasn't fun finding the spam comments because they occured within minutes of my putting the pictures up last night. Bummer. So I just removed the comments forehvvveerr!

Thank you sweetie for the compliments.=)

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