What is in a date ?

In the middle of June or late May,I was reminded by my daughter Ana, that several important events take place every year during the summer. First her wedding anniversary is almost at the end of June, then Chris's birthday is in the middle of July, and finally Rosita and Kendall also celebrate their wedding anniversary near the end of July. This was Annie and Chris' seventh, his 31st and Rosita and Kendall's sixth, respectively. (How proud I am of them!) One right after another, whew. I think I managed to remember two on my own and the third, well, Annie reminded me. You know I have had a whirlwind of a summer!

Anyway, now that I am not married, I started thinking what special day do I commemorate or celebrate? Gone is Pearl Harbor Day, which also happened to be the day Jean and I got married, and shouldn't we have known better than to have agreed to be married then! Every time any one asked when we were married the inevitable and infamous comment about Pearl Harbor always followed. So now, no anniversary to celebrate? No, on the contrary. Before marriage, or the birth of my three precious children, I have been celebrating a special date. I always had a celebration in my heart about the day I came to know the deepestlove of my life. The day I came to know Jesus as my Savior. It's August 2nd, 1968. My email refers to it: elbita_1968@yahoo.com .

Something special always happens to me on August 2. Take for example, when I wanted to start a new life, I moved to Florida, and wouldn't you know it, we flew into Orlando on August 2, 1995. Mind you a tropical storm had just blown through, but the airport was opened in time for our flight! Since then I have had many many blessings. I don't know what precious things will happen tomorrow. Maybe I'll see a beautiful rainbow which I love and have always seen as a promise from God, or maybe a gorgeous sunset, or a bird will serenade me outside my window, or perhaps a friend will say something extra kind. The point is, I think God remembers and so do I.

Today is the day before August 2nd and already it has been filled with love to overflowing. We were having an icebreaker today, the faculty's first day back to work. Each team had to create a poster, which the team leader had to explain. After Tania, our team leader, explained our poster to the best of her ability, instead of going on to the next team, Dr. Shames, our principal, stopped the activity to explain that "Elba, is only going to be here temporarily, since she has been hired at Odyssey Middle School to be their new CCT," and she added," I am very proud of you!" I about fainted. I later thanked her personally for her kind words. I had so many people throughout the day come up to me and congratulate me, and wish me the best. Of course they said they would miss me. So it has been a day of mixed emotions, hugs and kisses. God never does anything by mistake. I had been upset, that I hadn't been allowed to leave earlier, and instead had to go back to Discovery during preplanning. Yet now when I think about it I was being given time. Time to say goodbye. Contrary to how most of the people left this year without even a good bye, I had too many to count. And it's only August 1st!


Anonymous said…
Elba, I loved reading every word. Well, to start with you got a call from me on Aug. 2 and you have a new phone number [Dona Josephina]. That may not be monumental, like something new that may come up, and I am hoping that something great, really great will occur before the day is over. Reading your optimism got me out of the 'dumps' as I just starting reacting to some old memories and letters/comments in such a sentimental, sad way. But the Aug. 2 comments by a friend helped me and lifted me up. A great day it is and will continue to be because the Maker of all days is the Lord of today--Thank God for that. Call me when you can. Love, Rosa

That is so good. I glad you have been reminded of such a good date and that it has been the focus of so many good emotions and blessings.

Te quiero mucho.
Elba said…
Rosa, my dear friend, thank you for your sweet comments. You are one of my bestest friends!!! Let make sure no Language Arts teachers hear me say bestest! But you are. God bless you.
Elba said…
To Annie, thank you sweetheart! I love you, too! Honey,

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