Look What God is Doing

Anyway, this has been a most extraordinary day. Actually it seemed very ordinary. I went to work, had a very pleasant time and talked to people, fiddled at the computer and then went home. As I was going home, as usual I called my mother, but after I had finished dialing, I felt a real urge to call Juan Daniel. So I quickly told mom I would call her back later that I really meant to call Juan. When I called him he was really surprised because he was about to call me to tell me what had just happened to him. He started to tell me he had seen one of my good friends from South Carolina, so I naturally thought it was Ruth-Anne, because Rosa was in Houston. In fact, I had talked to Rosa for an hour and a half the night before,so... It turned out to be her daughter, Lee Marie. I thought he was in Charleston, but he was actually, just heading home from Columbia. He saw her at a mini convention for Hispanic Affairs and he told me that she had told him about a good job opportunity in Columbia. He also said that a Major at the Citadel had invited him to this opportunity and had paid his registration and drove him there and back. So not to take too much of his time, I said why don't you call me later, so we ended our conversation and I came home, made dinner, and took a nap. I had meant to call Rosa to tell her everything that had happened but I fell asleep.

Well to my surprise, Rosa called me later and she filled me in to all the details Juan didn't know of or had overlooked. Lee Marie had organized the whole affair!!!!! She had been working on it since this summer and was on pins and needles about it last night! Anyway, a lot of important people were there including a person in charge of homeland security in South Carolina and a senator. She got her picture taken with them and I think Juan Daniel did, too, since she came up to him, y lo saludo!!!Isn't that cool. She is going to try to get a hold of those pictures and send them to me. She said the nicest things about Juan Daniel, that I should be so proud. That he looked terrific in his uniform and that he had been very personable and courteous. Wow. Last night Rosa said something in our conversation that really struck me... she said that now I would be reaping the fruit of my many prayers for Juan Daniel.

Later, when I was headed for church, Juan called me up, and we talked again for a few minutes and he said, for me to keep him in my prayers and I told him what he didn't know and should, just like Jesus has us engraved in the palms of His hands, so he is engraved in my heart, and that I pray for him and his sisters everyday. When I don't hear from them, I pray a little more. I pray that God will draw them close to Him and that God will bless them in all their needs. Well that is the simple version, sometimes I pray a little more than that. So Amen, Amen, and Amen. God is faithful!


Anonymous said…
I know what you mean about not hearing from your kids makes you pray more for them. I was just thinking the same thing as I was walking and praying for my son, Glen. Sometimes I wish I would hear from him more and I know he doesn't always do the things that I wish he would have learned from me. But, as I walked, I realized that if I heard from him as much as I hear from my daughter, I would not always feel the need to pray and ask God to watch over him, because I would probably feel I was in control instead of God. This way, I think is better for me to let God be in control, because I don't know what all is going on and I have to trust God to watch over Glen.
So, I will also continue to pray for your son, because he has been on my mind some too of late. Not that I know him, but I have heard of him from Ana. Maybe you would remember to pray for my kids too, when you pray. I would appreciate that. It is good to join with someone else to pray.
Well, I just spilled my pop on my table that is prepared for counting all the church money - thank goodness none went on the money - so I better go clean up.
Have a good day... ROSE Borkent, Brooks.
Elba said…
Love you Rose. Thanks for your comments. Did Annie tell you I am going to go see you all this Christmas?

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