Just got back

Whoa, hold your horses! I thought I would never make. What started as a very routine visit to Puerto Rico turned into an adventure through eight states and one commonowealth. It all started on June 13. I left for PR to help my mother out for three weeks. After being there for a week and a half, I thought I would shoot myself or die from heat exhaustion. Fortunately, neither happened. My sister Doris needed a traveling companion to Florida, since her daughter, Virginia, is having a baby girl next week, Dios lo quiera. Anyway, we left on Wednesday, July 6, after seeing some spectacular fireworks on a pier not too far from Harbour Close, in New Haven Connetticut. After the fireworks, we worked diligently, packing the remaining things she had in her apartment and finally, after going up and down two flights of stairs repeatedly with boxes and boxes and suitcases, we loaded up her XTerra and set out for Florida. Since we both have bad blood circulation we decided we would stop often and take the long relaxed back roads as often as possible... We also decided we would stop in Norfolk Virginia and visit our childhood home, at 1312 Milton Street. We didn't plan to stop at Kitty Hawk North Carolina, or see Nags head, or discover the beauty of Delaware or enjoy Bethany Beach as much as we did, but we did. We treated ourselves to some really fine dining, such as delicious, crab cakes, steamed lobster and shrimp. Obviously, we will have to refrain from eating any cholesteral laden food for the rest of the year. Well, the story continues tomorrow, since I just got in tonight.


Happy you made it home safely. Is it raining from Dennis?
Elba said…
It was raining the night I got home and some showers early yesterday. The worst of it was when Doris and I were driving into Sanford and a big storm with gale force winds hit us right when we were getting on a bridge to cross the Lake Monroe. There was lots of prayer going on because the lake was choppy, the winds were moving and shaking the car and the could have easily gone over into the lake because the braces on the side of the bridge were only 3 to 4 feet high. Fortunately we made it across and that definitely was Dennis!

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