Well, I finally decided to make a post, because I realized there are somethings I would like to comment on, even if I might only have a few readers. It doesn't matter. I have always believed, putting things in writing really helps to organize ones mind. On occasion when writing about my daily events or just expressing what I was feeling helped me declutter my mind so to speak and come to a realization of what I was actually feeling. I guess I do get a little disconnected with my feelings since I live a life that is utterly and excessively busy. There often times seems to be little time for reflection. So there, I have given significance and meaning to my posts. They may be theraputic for me and and perhaps for others.

Why Mi Jardin? Mi Jardin means, my garden and I love flowers and all things that bloom. Right now I have yellow buds on my tomato plants. In fact I have 9 tomato plants that have survived the likes of little water, very hot sun, and a huge creature that roams my backyard called Pup. Pup is my Siberian husky German sheppherd mix, mutt, who also happens to be my guard dog and friendly companion, official bird frightener, and stranger alarm... all wrapped in one. Though he inhabits my backyard, Pup has not managed to destroy my tomato plants, halleluyah, but he has dug out some African Irises very close by. In addition to the Irises and tomatoes I have a whole slew of plants and flowers that I will soon be planting. In fact, I have the dirt and the little planters all filled I just need to add the seeds, so I just can't wait to do it. I went out side to the back yard and was watching the sprinkler system in action watering the lawn I had mowed two days earlier, and glanced at the tomato plant which now has two tomatoes. To my own surprise I felt a glee I had not felt in a long time upon seeing how my tomato had gotten so much larger in a week. Gardens, jardines, can give a person joy. They really can. It is a result of a little work, some tender care, and time. I see so many similarities, to what I do. Tomorrow, I'll share some of the letters my students wrote on a reflection about 7th grade. You will be so surprised. Got to run. Happy gardening....


Hi Mom!

I love you. Congratulations on your first real entry. I find that it does help immensely to write down my daily experiences, helping me process what happens each day and see the pattern and plans. I look forward to reading more.

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