Monday, April 27, 2015

Ponce es Ponce

What a beautiful city! I was delighted with Ponce!  The Ponce Town Hall was all decked out because the Justas, the intercollegiate meets,  were coming.  I was just visiting the town with some friends from Florida and we got a late start.  Unfortunately we missed the last trolley tour for the day and there was trouble finding parking.  It all worked out though.  I sent my friends to see the Parque de Bombas because the Town Hall Administrator who was a wonderfully kind man was gracious enough to give me a tour of the building.  He showed me a grand meeting room with portraits of all the past mayors and took me to their tourism office where I was given three little flags as a souvenir for me and my friends.  I also got a town passport.  Very cute.  They need to have a sign that says Welcome Center and then have a  brochure stand with all the wonderful things they offer in Ponce.  Do you know that all the museums are FREE??? Then their 45 minute tour is only two dollars per person and if you are over 62 you get to go for only one dollar!!! My friends want to come back and so do I!

 Que ciudad mas  bella!  Quede encantada con Ponce.  La Alcaldia estaba bien decorada con los Leones de Ponce ya que venian las Justas e iban a dejar a los muchachos celebrar en la Plaza y estoy segura que estaban protejiendo estas obras de arte de los que tomaran de mas.  Tengo que volver!

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