Monday, March 17, 2014

Fixing My Trash Disposal or I Have Been Saving This Story

Time to tell it.
Not the most femenine of tales but I have to tell it.
It is the story of the broken trash disposal.
For a plumber this would be routine,
but for me, no!
I am now in my semi retirement, in the process of
getting settled and moving into my new home.
I am in transition, so money is not in abundance.
I have a smaller income.
My nice salary has been slashed
and I must make do.

So here's the situation.  My last tenents damaged several things in my apartment.
One of the things they broke was my trash disposal. Thinking I was going to replace it, I went online and saw a video on how to replace it.

So I removed it. Big mistake.  You do not remove something without having bought the other and having it right there.  But I did. Then I had a party and during it, I did not have the use of the kitchen sink barely and the dishwasher, forget it.  That is how it happened and then I left for Orlando.

So now two months later I came back and lo and behold the trash disposal is still there with an unworking sink. Oh, no. How do I fix this?

I prayed and prayed.  I can't afford a big plumber's bill.  I prayed some more. Oh, maybe I can put the old trash disposal back and at least that way I can use the sink. So I tried. Ugh.  The disposal is too heavy.  I just couldn't do it. So I prayed and prayed.  Then one morning out of the blue I got a vision of a stack of books.  If I put a stack of books, I could place the disposal on top of the books and I would not have to lift it up. But before I placed the books and the disposal for some reason, it occured to me that I should shake the disposal out because even if it wasn't working, I didn't want it to be clogged.  So I shook it out in the trashcan and to my surprise a small three and a half inch screw driver fell out with two pieces of plastic.  Wow. Okay.  It doesn't work anyway but at least there will not be anything stopping the flow of water, I thought.

Next,  I proceeded to put my big stack of books and adjusted the books until I got them almost just right.  It was a sliver too short.  That is when I thought of using two butter knives.  Modesty aside, that was genius.  With the knives, I was basically able to manuever the disposal up and down, while I tighten it into place.

Just one problem.  It had a piece of plastic pipe jutting out.  I tried turning it.  It wouldn't budge.  But I noticed there was a metal piece holding it into place. I unscrewed it, inserted the plastic tube into the drain, finished positioning the disposal, retighten the screws to the metal plate in place (not that easy, took me a little bit of time), and I was almost done. I reinserted the dishwasher drain tube where it belonged and tested it by opening the faucet.  There was a slight leak where the plastic tubes joined so I tighten the "whatchamadigger,"( it was like a big plastice bolt). When I did,  the leaking stopped. !!!

I was beaming.  I couldn't believe what I was doing.  Now let's test with the dishwasher. I put it to work and it worked. No leaks!  Oh, my gosh! I can now use the dishwasher! I wanted to cry! But I was too happy!

There was just one thing left.  The disposal. What the heck.  I plugged it in.  I turned the switch.  It worked! I was in total disbelief.  This can't be happening.  I had tested the thing.

I couldn't believe it!  I wanted to scream.  It was too early to do that so I started praying out loud and thanked the Lord for his goodness.  He guided my thoughts, my hands, and my eyes.  Thank you, Lord!  I am no plumber! I know you are a great and mighty God, and I love you!!

I still can't believe it. My kitchen is in working order.  Incredible.

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