Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spiritual Song

There are some spiritual songs that will never be sung in church and they might only be sung on a dusty record  player, or on a country music station out  in the boon docks, or with some lonely guitar in front of a fire pit where only the bushes can hear you.  Some are those country music favorites where people sing their hearts out, their lamentations, their sincerest honest not sugar coated truths.  If we ever understood Jesus, I think he is listening.  Maybe he sang some of these himself.  I wonder.

He Bottles our Tears

Proverbs 31 Ministries put up on FB some five empty bottles of tears.  There were like the antique pharmaceutical kind with the quote that the Lord bottles our tears andit really got me thinking about how our God loves us so much.  There is no one like Him.  No one can love us like Jesus.  No one  is capable of loving us to the depth of all our needs.  Only he knows our wounds, our ridiculously demanding expectations, and he can and does meet them.  No one can love us like Jesus.  He, our Adonai, has written his love for us on the hole ridden Palm of his hand.  Our needs, thoughts, delights, desires, and yes even our weaknesses, our loneliness, our laughter, and our tears, are ever before Him, and He whispers his love. I am here, you are not forgotten, I am here.  His presence, his affirmation is ever before us.  When he said, I prepare a table before you in the presence of mine enemies, it is true.  God is ever faithful.

Lord you are ever faithful. I love you Lord... thank you, Dearest Friend and Savior, thank you for ever loving me. Your love, it means every thing to me.

To think--- you bottle our tears!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Two Tomatoes for Two Molars

So today I got two wisdom teeth pulled. Ouch.  Though it did go much more smoothly than I expected there is always some trepidation whether while just waiting for the procedure to begin or to hope I don't forget that there should be no rinsing, no straws, and to use the gauzes.  Oh my the rinsing can happen so easily but I do not want a dry socket! Oh dear me, not a dry socket.  So I am holding down the fort, but along the way I stopped to get my meds and a side trip to Lowe's.  It was only a quick trip in and out to buy two hardy tomato plants to cheer me up.  You and I know that fresh ripen tomatoes from ones own garden are a delicacy.  There is nothing like them really.

So it is spring,
time for poems, odes, and planting.
Cleaning out closets
rearranging the house
a bucket of paint,
a new bone for the dog,
freesbies in the back yard
Zinneas in all colors and the
Jasmine in bloom
with it fragrance permeating the air

So it is spring and time
for Two Tomatoes for
two sad molars
and the joy they bring.
The tomatoes that is!
So here's a decent ode to
Spring Mr. Burns
you naughty man you!

(There must be a place for yours
I am sure, but....)