Monday, January 14, 2013

If Time and Money were not the Limit

What would I like to do if time nor money were the limit?
I would like to go to Israel
and walk where you walked
and take my shoes off
and let the dust sink between my toes
and know it was holy

I would like to see the Shekina glory as it followed under the cloud
in the wilderness
I would like to sit in the crowd
and listen to you speak from the boat
or walk on the water with Peter
or listen in as you spoke to Moses
and told him your name
or marched around Jericho on that hot dusty day
or watched a patriarch lay a stone on the other
side of the Jordan
or listen to Jacob tell of his stories of his sons
or about his brother Esau or
about his dreams or
witnessed when Naaman came out of the water
his healed skin just like a baby
or see you open your bright eyes
or held you so Mary could rest then
later get lost in Jerusalem while you spoke
with wisdom
I would have loved to see you put
mud mixed with spit on blind eyes
only for them to be opened and see!

or maybe walk with you on the
road to Emmaus after your resurrection..
that would be a dream
to talk to you and hear your voice
but if I can not do any of those things
I can imagine them for sure
and maybe I can some day talk to those that did

but for now I can remember you said
if I did it to the least of these
I did it to you

So then,  I will hold a baby to give some one else some rest
and listen to somebody's stories
those very same stories of your glory shining like the
Shekina of old
and go to some meeting
and listen about the meek who will inherit the earth
just like you said
dress the naked
feed the hungry
forgive those who have traspassed against us
believe you can move mountains
with the faith of a mustard seed
and perhaps then I will walk where you walked
and take off my shoes and know
it is holy

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