Saturday, April 21, 2012

Remembering my Aunt

The people in our lives...some simple, some in formation, others, quite settled, humble, exquisite, mysterious, and enigmatic in their own private ways...Some I am still trying to figure out to this day. So as I peruse different venues on the internet, where one road leads to another, I ran onto a sight where I felt I was running into a person in my life and breathed in and sighed, "oh, I found you again."  After all these years that you have been gone, where you left the fragrance of who you are, I found you in the hydrangeas in a tin watering can upon a linen doily, repurposed items turned to usefulness and surprise, simplicity, pastels which connected me to your graceful garden with an acacia tree in the backyard dotted with flowers with your little storage area neatly in a corner. The country French garden house of today connected me to your coquetish vanity dresser with its powdery covered glass with simple perfume, long curtained closet, soft slippers, light pink cotton cover.  I found you again Titi in your simplicity and confidence.  I found some of your inspiration whose trail I had lost and in it I found a little of you.  Thank you for your beauty, a Puerto Rican version of a steel magnolia, and your quiet charm, Thank you, Titi Georgina.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Beyond Organics

I have started trying out some new organic products called Beyond Organics, trying again to improve my health starting with eliminating grain fed meat and using green fed instead. What is the difference? Green fed cattle graze on healthy grass rather than eat grains that have hormones, antibiotics, and even bovine by products that can harm or alter our body and its functions. Beyond Organics also has other products to supplement a healthy diet such as green fed produced cheeses: chedder and havarti, and chocolate high in antioxidants, as well as cultured milk and whey, just to mention a few. Please follow the link to check out Beyond Organics here on line and perhaps you would like to purchase an introductory order that can be the beginning of better health for you and your family.

If you have any questions there is contact information on the webpage. If that doesn't take you to my Beyond Organics webpage, click on this link: Thanks!

Four Fruits and Five Veggies

I am going to try to improve my health which has long been neglected and this can not be postponed any longer.  This morning, I started with quartered strawberries and cottage cheese for breakfast.  With all that fiber and nutrition of the healthiest kind it can only do my heart good.  Here is a link for a recent worldwide study that showed that the four fruits and five veggies should be the goal to reach daily for a healthier heart.

And what is a serving size?