Monday, May 28, 2012

Beryl Makes for a Stormy Day in Central Florida

Beryl did not make a direct hit here in Orlando but the weather was peaceful this morning but almost on cue, at twelve a big gusty thunderstorm moved through. That was followed by a meaner one full of lighting and huge thunder claps. Regardless of the fact that Beryl made a direct hit to Jacksonville almost 200 miles north of here has not stopped our weather from being affected by the outer rainbands as well as destabilizing our atmosphere with added moisture. To add a bit more drama we have the sea breezes from both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic meeting in the middle almost daily and creating more storms. So I can already hear more thunder in the distance... Got to go run and check the radar at

Looking at the radar, it looks like even Gainsville and Tallahassee are seeing significant rains from this tropical storm and as the storm has skimmed the Gulf of Mexico, retaining some of its strength. I wonder if it will move north or continue on a western path.

If you want to see some photos of some of the effects of Beryl in Jacksonville follow the link to a gallery of pictures.

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