Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Mas Nacimientos Queridos


Feliz dia de Reyes!
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Llegan los Reyes

Llegan los Reyes, salen los nacimientos! Realmente es el dia de darle prominencia a los Reyes. En la proxima entrada vienen mas nacimientos.

The Three Kings are coming! So out goes the tree, and now to put the manger in a more prominent place. More creches to come.
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Vispera de Reyes!!

The Three Kings arrive tonight so everything must be made ready. Shoeboxes, time to get the grass and the water for the horses. Of course the Kings should have gotten at least a gift or two if they want to see the wonder in the children's eyes when they wake in the morning and search under the bed to see that the grass is gone and so is the water. What did they leave? There tucked away is a gift! Vispera de Reyes, un dia lleno de anelos y sueños...alli vienen los Reyes.

Dios bendiga a mi Puerto Rico, con fervor por su Salvador, JesuCristo, y bendiciones en esta una de sus mas lindas tradiciones.

Monday, January 03, 2011

I Can't Believe Where My Feet Have Been These Days

I can't believe where my feet have been these days!
Climbing stairs, going in and out of cars filled with sweet granddaughters
and seaside apartments filled with family and hugs,
feet firmly on the terracotta floor
as my hands painted with their eager little fingers
which painted masterpieces to remember.
All of them.
Feet that stepped up on a steep and narrow spiral staircase
that took me to see not only a beautiful sunrise
but also a gentle rainbow
with the sound of roosters
speaking Spanish,
and birds singing.
These same feet jumped over puddles and
got tangled in grasses
to seek out blooming red bromeliads
in a rain forest teeming with life and rushing gurgling streams.
These same feet relaxed and dug deep in tanned sand
and scurried away from the incoming tide
and later tiredly walked a jet allay to take me to my home away from home.
Oh but to have them run home again and
find my daughters and granddaughters waiting for me there!

Waking Up to a Beautiful Day


Amanece! Amanece! The sun rises!
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