Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Farmacia Luma, Old San Juan

I wrote this entry in April but for some reason the pictures were not coming out, so here I go again. Hope it works this time.

Just two doors down from La Bombonera you can find La Farmacia Luma for all your drug store needs. If you need to fill a prescription that is the place. Yes, there is a Walgreens near the Town Hall or Alcaldia, but this one is just as efficient and will let you buy some
souvenirs at the same time.

I bought a beautiful fan in my favorite color and for a very fair price. Actually I bought several fans and gave one away. They are lovely. What do I like the most about La Farmacia Luma? It isn't just one thing, first it is an institution in Old San Juan. It has been there for decades, and knows the needs of its residents and visitors. Second, it has lovely souveniers at reasonable prices, and thirdly it imports quality items from Spain which reflect our culture.

The fans are a prime example. Doña Felisa Rincon de Gautier, San Juan's first female mayor, loved Spanish fans and was a very feminine leader, una dama! In fact, Doña Fela, who passed away many years ago, has her own museum and a collection of her most treasured fans. My aunt, Sarita, who I so admired and have written about many times, as well as my mother and grandmothers, all used Spanish fans. I keep one in my purse whether I am here or in the States since it keeps me connected to my roots. Where do I go to replace a broken fan beyond repair?

La Farmacia Luma. Located at 256 San Francisco Street.
If you have any questions for the owner you can email him at

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