Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stormy Day Yesterday

Wow, it was nail biting time yesterday evening when severe weather tore through Central Florida. It didn't even occur to me to even think of writing a jot, dot or tittle on my blog, I was so busy watching the weather report on television and staying alert for the weather around my house. My little cat, Mesha, was all tied in a knot with the thunder so I let her in the house to escape the awful noise. There were two primary sources for the weather that I always use: first weather radars online. They can be enlarged or reduced to see the direction and projection of a storm's arrival time. The other of course are live reports. Those live reports did not disappoint at all. I watched both WESH and WFTV with Tom Terry, and although both stations are vying for viewership, their in depth reporting is intense and benefits all of Central Florida when we needed it most. It was scary. There was a long line of severe weather moving diagonally across the peninsula, and basically no where to turn except to climb into a tub and cover one's head.

We do not have basements in Florida into which we can run for cover. That is why advance notice is so important because it gives people in the area some hope and precious time to secure themselves. Fortunately, for all of us, there were no deaths directly as a result of tornadoes, falling trees, and flying debris. Unfortunately, there was damage in Groveland and in other places in Lake County and on the east coast but with no loss in life. There were several traffic accidents as a result of the slick roads, lashing rains, and wind which made it difficult to keep cars steady and one person did die, I am sorry to say and several injured, but all in all, we were fortunate. The last time we had such severe weather back in 1998, many people died in the late night storms. To say I am grateful is an understatement.

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Lil said...

Those storms can be so intense, yes? My sister mentioned them also. Thankful that you are OK !