Saturday, August 07, 2010

Painting with Oil


Starting to paint with oils. This is my latest painting and will be available on
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Friday, August 06, 2010

The Birthday Cake


We arrived in Sarnia, the day before Chris, my son-in law, celebrated his birthday, and his mother, Marianne, had a surprise for him. When her children were growing up, she made their birthdays special by making them a cake they selected from a special cake book. Rather than buying a generic cake from the supermarket or simply making a round cake she put much love and effort into each cake. This time, 30 years later, it was no different. Again the cake was not store bought but one with a design he had chosen years before. It was a work of art as much as something from the heart. What was different this time though was that she included our granddaughters in carrying it! They were so tickled to do it. Look at the smiles on my son-in-law's face and on the girls, too! Thanks, Marianne!

If you want to be able to make a Puppy Cake or a carriage full of flowers, or one of the many others Marianne made throughout the years, you can get a copy of the book, Baker's Cut-Up Cake Party Book. The books are a little pricey, but if you are into making people smile, this might be something for you! o
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Thursday, August 05, 2010

Getting to Canada


We were about to cross into Canada from Port Huron and then crossed the bridge into Canada where we stopped for the night in Sarnia. We had a lovely visit with Chris' mother, MaryAnne. It was a real treat for Chris to spend the night there since the next day was his birthday. MaryAnne treated him to a special surprise, a birthday cake she had made herself in the shape of a puppy which was reminisce of the ones she would make for her children when they were little. It was a very sweet and thoughtful of her and it made all of us happy. My granddaughters were delighted, too.

That night Ana, the girls and I spent it at a Best Western near the river, and to our surprise there was a concert going on that night. Fortunately for us we didn't hear a thing in our bedroom. We only saw the crowds happily going to the concert but no problems at all.
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Michigan Farmland and Wildflowers


Look how beautiful! I loved seeing all the farms, barns, and wildflowers.
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Traveling Through Michigan


Michigan, what a beautiful state! I got to cross it from Lake Michigan to Port Huron. The following pictures were taken from the road in a fast moving car, but I was determined to capture some of the beauty I was seeing. There were many farms with corn, soy, and barns of all types surrounded by wildflowers, firs, and birches. It was breathtaking and though I only got fleeting glimpses of all of these, I am so happy I did. I had the best company in my son-in-law, my daughter, and my two granddaughters, who also took me to Niagara Falls on our part of the trip into Canada. I still have a couple of more pictures of Michigan before our trip took us into Canada.

Michigan you are grand!
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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Two New Oil Paintings on ETSY


Please take a look. Hope you like one and want to take it home with you. These are originals so no one else will have one just like it!


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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Egyptian Pastor Preaches at Northland

Elder Fayah Ishak from Kasr El Dobara Church in Cairo Egypt delivered an inspirational message at Northland today. He will also be speaking tomorrow and the message will be available at the Northland website, probably by Wednesday of this week. He spoke about the depth of God's love and our need to abide in Christ like the branches abide in the vine.

Then he spoke about how intimately related our lives are to each others and how God uses ordinary people. We don't have to be extraordinary for God to use us. First he shared an anecdote about a man he met in Ohio. To his surprise the man asked if he knew two men in Egypt. This pastor was taken aback with his question as there are over 50 million people in Egypt. Well to his astonishment, he recognized the name of one of the men. Turns out that the young man's father (he produced a worn thin paper with the documentation) had sponsored two young boys in Egypt through an orphanage. The son wanted to know what had become of them. Turns out that one of those young men later became a well known Christian writer in Egypt who wrote over 40 books and his grandson, now is a worship leader in Elder Fayez' church in El Cairo.

He also told the story of a Florida woman who obeyed God and went to Egypt as a missionary. Her name was Lillian Trasher. At first she didn't know what to do there, but God started doing something. People began to bring her babies that were abandoned, orphaned, or dying and she took them in. Because of her dedication and love for God she was able to love and nurture thousands of children. Of course others who remain anonymous to us (because no one is anonymous to God), joined in to help her in her work. He told of doctors, teachers, and nurses who are productive citizens today because of her efforts. She was just an ordinary servant of God, who listened to his call. One of the amazing things the pastor did not tell was that she forsook a marriage to follow God's call. She is tenderly remembered in Egypt, as Mama Lily, and lived from 1887 to 1961. It was during a fund raising trip to the United States that the father of the man from Ohio sponsored those two boys in one of Lillian Trasher's orphanages. The orphanages she founded are still functioning in Egypt today.

Universidad de Puerto Rico


At the end of June, I had a chance to go by the University of Puerto Rico, my Alma Mater, with my friends from South Carolina. We had hoped to be able to walk around the campus since we had heard on the news that the strike had ended. To our dismay, we discovered that though the strike was over, the gates were still locked because the campus was being secured, cleaned, and mowed since it had not had maintenance during the strike. Nevertheless, though the gates may have been locked, we were still able to take some photos that show it lovely architecture. Next time I hope to buy a T shirt, a notebook with the insignia of the University, or a sticker for my car. All that will have to wait for my next trip.
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