Saturday, July 31, 2010

Las Puertas del Viejo San Juan

Puertas, reforzadas o sencillas, con arcos o rectangulares, de madera, con ventanas, con rejillas o sin ellas, todas son especiales. Se imaginan las personas que han pasado por ellas? Pueden oír las conversaciones, los romances, las damas con sus trajes largos de otras épocas con sus abanicos y sus collares, los caballeros a sus lado? Como que oigo los caballos en los adoquines, los tacos y bullicio de la gente en las tiendas, el hombre anunciando, “se amolan cuchillos y tijeras,” las familias caminando con sus mantillas y sus catecismos en la mano hacia la iglesia, que los llama con su campanazos.. Este es el Viejo San Juan, con sus calles estrechas pero con una historia ancha de valentía y fe. Es una ciudad antigua llena de romance e historia, y sus muros, balcones, rejas, y puertas son parte del enlace de nuestro presente a ese pasado. Que cuentos nos harían esas paredes, puertas, balcones, y calles si pudieran hablar, verdad?
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Doors in Old San Juan

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Old San Juan has some of the loveliest doors of any historic city of its kind. The entrances are as unique as the balconies and windows which adorn each home. So to appreciate some of these I took a series of pictures which will remind us of at least one reason why we enjoy these streets so much.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Periwinkle: Flower of the Day

This flower grows in my backyard as well as in many low maintenance places around town. It is a perennial here in Florida and only requires some trimming of the undergrowth. If it gets too big it can harbor snakes as in the case of my backyard. Last year I saw a black racer zigzag out of the back of my periwinkle bush into the neighbor's yard. Apparently, this viper did this more than once back and forth and the neighbors did their best to be rid of it. In fact, they overstepped and tried to kill it in my yard. I saw the markings of a hoe, and perhaps some hacking of the bush. Not a problem, because they were basically doing what I was hesitant of doing myself! The truth is, I haven't seen that racer again. They must have gotten it.

Anyway the bush is high again, and I saw a stubborn chubby black snake the other day in the front yard. Please don't tell me that was a Water Moccasin! Black racers I can deal with, but Water Moccasins, well that is another story. Water Moccasins not only stand their ground but they are aggressive. Time to check on my machete and have a hoe close by.
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Our God is Greater - Chris Tomlin

I was encouraged today by Chris Tomlin's song and the following verse which is just what I needed today:

Prayer Promise:

"I will contend with those who contend with you, and your children I will save."

Isaiah 49:25


Thursday, July 29, 2010


Today, I actually started writing something for the written page. For a book,  perhaps a short story, or a vignette. Probably autobiographical but with fictional names, not to hurt any one involved. So I started. I wrote for one hour straight and it flew right by. I'm a little scared because I don't know where this will take me. If I start with Pasteles, El Perro y el Pescador, or the Morales Legend, what else will I be drawn to write about? I'm excited because it is finally happening and also somewhat perturbed, because I like getting feed back, but now I am going to hold back because I would like to get published. Can't have it both ways, but I wish I could.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cheap Joe's Art Supplies and so much more

Several years ago I had the fabulous opportunity to attend a week long watercolor workshop at Cheap Joe's in Boone, North Carolina. At the time, the instructor was Carol Cooper, an excellent watercolorist who also masters other mediums and she titled her workshop Fusion because she was sharing what was being done in oil and mixed media, and showing how to integrate these into watercolor. Yupo, collages, general watercolor techniques, critiques, were all integrated into the class. I am still putting into practice a lot I learned there. But aside from books and being on a tight budget, I wanted to increase and learn new things, so I remembered the product demonstrations @Cheap Joe's. To my delight they have added more art instruction in the form of 27 lessons, with actual pdf files that are downloadable. This should keep me busy and learning for the rest of the summer and fall, I am sure. I am so excited!

Take a look, I know you will like what you find.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Still enjoying Maunabo


It's almost like being there! Que lindo es Puerto Rico!
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sketching on Commission


Talk about pressure. My youngest granddaughter requested a sketch. She actually wanted a watercolor painting but this is what I could do. Never having taken portrait drawing or drawing classes for that matter this is what I was able to do. This is what ensued.
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