Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bean Bloosom: Flower of the Day

Can you believe how delicate these flowers are? On my last day at Villas del Faro, I went down to a little hill, and sat down on a bench there and enjoyed a quiet breakfast of chopped papaya, and breathed in the beauty around that place. I enjoyed the quiet, the gray and white clouds, the breeze, and the ocean below, each and every one. Then I took some pictures of the flowers and plants that were near by. The palm trees in the prior entry, were taken then, as well as the some that are not pictured here. The bean stalk came next with its lovely flowers with its promising pods, as well as the colorful crotons. I hope to use them to do a painting. There is so much beauty everywhere. We just have to look for it.
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Caminando Por Maunabo


If you click on the pictures you will see each one on a larger scale. You really want to click the one with The Punta Tuna Lighthouse. The dust in the air is from the Sahara Desert, which covers the island ocassionally and make you really want to cool off at the beach or the nearest pool.
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Maunabo's Villa Pesquera


Just beyond the Punta Tuna Lighthouse in Maunabo, you will find an entrance to a fishing village. They also have a lovely beach which is much more tranquil than the one in front of Las Villas del Faro. You might want to check that one out, too.
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Revistas Favoritas

Tengo dos revistas que me encantan y ambas sinceramente lo tengo que confesar son de Europa. Mi revista favorita de decoracion no es de los Estados Unidos, aunque me guste Country Living, que es una revista llena de buenas ideas, flores, muebles alegres, etc. Definitivamente me gusta mucho. Otra revista americana que tambien leo mucho y contiene muchos aspectos sofisticados del sur de lo Estados Unidos, con sus jardines immaculados, rica comida con sus recetas y sugerencias de restaurantes, ademas con escenas de los lugares mas lindos de los Estados Unidos, es Southern Living. Y claro he tenido subscipcion a ambas pero no, aunque me encantan ambas, mi revista favorita es El Mueble, una revista de España, la madre patria. Ole! Los muebles que en ella aparecen tienen mucha comodidad y lineas sencillas, con tonos acojedores. Me encantan.

Bueno, como ya no vivo en Puerto Rico, no se me hace tan facil encontrar la revista y me dio por buscarla en la red cibernetica, Y zas, alli esta! La puedes encontrar en El Mueble Y se que te va a encantar si eres Latina, Europea, o sencillamente amante de muebles y lugares lindos.
En ese sentido, esta revista se limita a los muebles y es como un catalogo en cada revista. Tengo una de ella que tienen tantos muebles bonitos, que es dificil escojer. Ademas de situarlos en una decoracion esquisita que estoy utilizandola para planificar una redecoracion de mi casa, un cuarto a la vez, los muebles ilustrados son practicos. Ahora, el problem es como adaptar lo que veo en la revista a lo que hay disponible aca. Va ser un proceso, definitivamente.

La segunda revista, es Hola, tambien de España . Esa es una revelacion de la cultura de España y de Europa en general. Habla de la farandula, los periodistas, los toreros, artistas, escritores, y claro de la aristocracia actual. Me gusta por cuan colorida que es, no solamente la cultura que de ella sale, sino por cuan distinta es la vision de la vida que ellos tienen en contraste y en similitud a la cultura Americana y Puertorriqueña. Me gusta examinarla objetivamente y a la vez informarme de lo que esta pasando por alla. Para aquella persona que nunca haya visitado a España, y añora hacerlo, es la gran cosa. Mira, Puerto Rico esta sumergido en la cultura española y mucha gente vive a veces ignorante de por que las cosas son como son. Pero ese es un tema para otra entrada en mi blog. Quizas lo tome mañana.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Joe Acaba is going back into Space!! Joe Acaba Regresa Al Espacio!

New Shuttle Mission to Space includes Joe Acaba!

NASA announced yesterday that a mixed group of Russian, Japanese, and American astronuats will be going back into space beginning in March 2012. Included in that news release is that Joseph Acaba, will also be part of a mission to take place in May 2012. This is exciting news, to be sure! Not only is it great news for our astronauts but also for Central Florida in general where the news of the end of shuttle missions rattled our economy. This is great news indeed! Please go to the NASA news release to read it for yourself!

Joe Acaba Regresa al Espacio

NASA acaba de anunciar que comenzando en marzo del 2012 un grupo de astronautas de Rusia, Japon y los Estados Unidos seran parte de misiones que iran a la Estacion Internacional Espacial. Joe Acaba, hijo de padres Puertoriquños, y orgullo de Puerto Rico, regresara al espacio en mayo del 2012. Los integrantes de cada mision estan listado en NASA. Dale un click al enlace y lea la noticia por si mismo.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Something Nice to Say

Yesterday, work started in earnest. Not for me but for Orange County workers that have been in the neighborhood repairing sidewalks and hazardous driveways. Two sidewalk slabs had already been removed prior to this, but now the driveway slab that gives to the street, between the street and the sidewalk had to be replaced due to tree roots that were lifting the slab causing a slip hazard. Well, I watched and documented all the work from start to almost finish, when I heard some commotion. I stepped outside to find that they had broken a water main to my house with the mini forklift. Fortunately the break came before the water main reached my water meter.

Neighbors came and made sure that all was well. I live in a very nice community, where neighbors help each other. Matt and his wife, Piedad, Pablo and Serena, also came for a minute though they were all watching the World Cup game between Spain and Germany. I had been invited but with my situation missed the game at Matt's house. I know I am digressing, but I wanted to point out that these are real fans, to which Serena is an example, since Serena who is from Germany, had her nails painted for the occasion naturally with the red, gold and black colors of Germany. Her husband, who is from Puerto Rico, might possibly be for Spain. I don't want to imagine the goings on, my plight probably interrupted. They verified that the meter was not running at full speed and that all was well. They stuck around for a few minutes but went right back to the hard fought game which Spain won with a score of 1 to 0. Ole España! It was nice of them to come by.

Meanwhile, communication ensued between one set of County Workers with the people at Orange County Utilities, who sent a fine crew of men to fix the problem. They were all very efficient, willing to get their hands in the mud, and get the job done in a jif. They made it look easy. Of course one of my neighbors had to ask how many men were needed to change a light bulb? In reality, each one had an assigned job. One dug the whole, another drained the ditch with a nifty contramption, the other repaired the line, yet another flushed the system, and then the supervisor taught me how to detect a leak, and how to read the meter, etc. They were totally respectful but good humored and it was nice to have them be the ones to repair the broken pipe.

After all that was fixed, the original team of workers, sent two men to finish cleaning out the tree roots, careful not to cause another break, and to prepare the incline for the concrete that came today. The concrete has been poured and now I only need to wait for it to dry and by tomorrow I should have a working driveway. Today, I feel a little bit like a red neck, pardon my comment, no offense intended, but I am driving on the grass, and that does feel a little odd, and a bit rebellious! Just for one day, though. That's it!

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Fortnum and Mason Tea

Royal Blend, Stronger tea...wonderful. I had the privilege to be reintroduced to this tea on Air Tran... they must have British owners or ones with good taste... the tea is detectable, delectable, and well, one I would like to have everyday.

So I started a search for the tea and discovered you can order it from their Fortnum and Mason online store. I found it is more than a tea shop, it is basically a grocery and curio store with every thing Brit and delicious, including Earl Gray and lavender jellies to mention a few, kitchen utensils, aprons, and wines, plus much more. For now, I am going to limit myself to their teas.

They have several select teas; some are in fact Royal Blends, which in itself is quite the comment. I was surprised they had Summer Teas, which is so logical: Black teas with Strawberry, Apple or Lemon. Humm, they must be heavenly. Being on a limited budget though, for the moment, I was going to buy a small amount, but was shocked that the freight costs were actually more than the product itself, so I really have to rethink my options.

Maybe they have it in Canada? Later this summer I will be traveling through Canada as a short cut to Rochester. Maybe we can find a good store to purchase tea there? If we find a good store, I will let you know. Then of course, I hope I can get a sizable supply. Wouldn't that be grand?

I sound like such a snob, but you know I'm not!!