Friday, June 04, 2010

Moss Park





I really didn't know why they called Live Oaks, Live Oak, nor that there was another kind of squirrel in Central Florida. I also discovered a beautiful butterfly and enjoyed Pavilion 5. I know I have more pictures of Moss Park and hope to find them soon.

Oh did you want to know why it's called Live Oak. Well if you look at that huge branch you will notice all the life that lives on it. Ferns, lichen, moss, and a whole array of invertabrates, i.e. insects. Then the squirrel pictured here I think is the Fox Squirrel and I caught it! Well, only on film. The Pavilion pictured here is the one we used for the Field Trip. We had the best hamburgers, at least that is what the kids said!
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Diversity in Design




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That's for sure when it comes to all the buildings in Miami. There's the Art Deco in South Beach and Coral Gables, and really all over the city. Then there are the huge buildings downtown and as you drive down into Miami you realize that this Metropolitan area extends from Bouyton Beach south. It's impressive. Well, if you have wanted to see Miami in pictures you just got a taste. Only a taste because there is so much more.

Miami Bay





I really liked seeing the boat floating by, the sun rising with its rays extended over the coast, the bridge raised, and activity. There is no doubt, but that Miami is a densely populated area. There are people everywhere and from all over the world.
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More Miami Pictures





These pictures were taken in downtown Miami from my son's apartment. Definitely not for those afraid of heights. What a view, day or night.
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The Most Beautiful Car


The most beautiful car is my Silver Bullet. Why? Because it is paid off! That is a work of art, definitely.
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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Lighting Capital of America

Orlando is living up to its nick name. Lots of people have no idea that Orlando has this distinction when they naively decide to come to Orlando for a vacation or when they decide to transplant themselves here. Well, it comes with the territory, or more correctly with the sea breezes. Since this is a peninsula covered by water on the east as well as the west, these breezes collide almost every afternoon in Central Florida. What is at the heart of Central Florida? Well, Orlando!

So today the sea breezes are colliding in a big way. And you can spot storms on the Doppler to the east, west, north, and south. You can hear the rampage outside as it reverberates against the windows, making them shake as you feel the angry sky above respond to every flash of lighting. All the while you are hoping it is not angry at you! When you think all is well, another barrage of thunder echoes in the east. Someone just threw a strike in the sky. I look over and Mesha is napping on the rug, but lifts her head as more thunder erupts now to the south. When is this going to end? It's as if this storm is stationary over head. Well, I am ready to get out of the tub, which is where I find myself doing my blogging today. But the weather is not quite ready to let up. Really loud thunder. Mesha stops napping. The storm is coming back. I don't like this. I better stop and post. I hope it goes away, but I must take time to pray. God bless, Orlando.

I just checked the weather at
and Mesha is no longer on the rug, but comes into the bathroom and is attentively listening to fresh rain on our roof, tinkling as it falls. A new storm has formed and according to the Doppler will be here in 14 minutes. They are wrong, it's here already, but it's softer rain now. Maybe we dodged the bullet. I can live with that. Literally. Thank God, thank goodness because this tub is hard!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

I haven't been writing...

It isn't writers block because I have actually been writing, just not here. I had to write two final exams, and each one had 7 pages. I hate making mistakes on finals. Kids are tense as it is, and the first minor minute mistake becomes a mountain. Insurmountable difficulty to deal with the mundane because they are so focused on higher level thinking such as similes and metaphor, dynamic versus static characters, or is it irony of situation or just verbal irony? To be or not to be that is the question? Profound things like that makes it hard to come down to the reality of life, that the teacher wrote the exam at 11 o'clock at night because she is a night owl who happens to get tired, too. I always joke and say, "first mistake I make today," and we laugh because we know it's not true. But that is where we're at.

The end of the school year. The end of the road perhaps. Perhaps the end of a chapter and the beginning of another. Some know it, and some don't. No, I'm not retiring. Maybe later I can give more details, but these kids are moving on. Some to be juniors, others to be sophomores. Sophomores are the equivalent of the terrible twos of infancy. They drive you crazy with their immaturity. So may I be frank and say, "May you have an awesome summer and a great year!" "See you later, alligator, After while crocodile, not so soon baboon, what's your trouble bubble!

Monday, May 31, 2010

A Succulent: A Star Plant of the Day


Plant of the Day, Star Plant. This plant can be easily propagated by putting the stem into a little jar or if you clip a leaf and plant it in the ground and it will grow.

These that you see on the blog were on Mrs. Glover's kitchen window sill and I was fortunate to get two of them.
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