Saturday, January 09, 2010

Wintry Weather Wake Up





These were some of the sights out in my backyard and across the East Orlando area. It may not have been snow but it was definitely sleet and I actually felt it. It was nothing big to brag about but it was sleet. Sleet in Central Florida. What is odd about the whole thing is seeing this wintry mix on tropical or semi tropical plants. There was sleet on the red poinsettias and on my neighbors papaya trees. What a shame. There were damages and I will document those on my next entry. It was pretty though and they say there is still a chance of snow later this morning. Check out the reports at Channel 9 and at WESH TV
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Thursday, January 07, 2010

It might Snow in Central Florida

That may be nothing to people in Michigan, but for it to happen in Orlando is quite the news. In fact, just the chill in the air has been the reason several water parks have closed recently. So though my daughter is right when she says it is colder in NY, being that it has been in the teens, 40 and low fifty's as highs and lows in the 20s is really something for us here in Orlando. In fact it might snow on Saturday morning. I will have my camera ready just in case it does!

My back bedroom is quite cold so I wanted to buy a space heater but they were sold out in Walgreens and Target last night and they didn't know when any would be arriving. They had electric blankets, but I had heard a lot of negative feedback about those, so I didn't buy one. But I found a solution. So off to bed I go, having put my down comforter in the dryer for ten minutes. Can't write more because I will miss the warmth. You all stay warm. I'm trying!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tonight's the Night: The Three Kings come Tonight

La Vispera de Reyes! Cuantos recuerdos, los mios y los de mis hijos. It's Three Kings Eve which is even more exciting than the Day itself. You have to get the shoebox, la yerbita o grass for the horses, and water and place all of that carefully underneath the bed. Es una noche especial so full of excitement and expectancy because the Three Kings are actually going to come to your house, they are going to feed their horses and go all over the island distributing gifts.

Le tengo que tener unos regalitos a las nenas pa que los vengan a buscar aca en Orlando. It is also a great opportunity for grandparents, too. Since the Three Kings will deliver where ever, and sometimes, well most of the time they leave gifts at the grandparents house for their grand children to come collect. So it becomes a special time for the extended family, too. Later when I get home, I'll have to check tomorrow morning to see if Los Reyes left anything for Aay and Zee. They most assuredly will!

Monday, January 04, 2010

More Pictures from Old San Juan




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OSJ The Lights still Shine





Although many are already taking their Christmas trees down in the States, lights stay up at least till January 6th, here in PR as children and families await the arrival of the Three Kings or Los Tres Reyes Magos, as they are known here. So it wasn't that surprising to find myself in the company of my sister and niece, in search of Christmas lights. Fortunately I was able to borrow my sister's digital camera to document our ride. We entered the old city on the lower side with La Plaza Colon all lit up on our left. Many of the trees had streams of white lights while others had icicles rock type lights adorning them. You can also see more lights decorating the Plaza in front of the Alcaldia, or Town Hall. A huge tree with an enormous Pascua or Poinsettia stood on one corner of the Plaza. The State Department or Departamento de Estado off to the right of the Alcaldia was also elegantly decorated with garlands and golden bows. Add to that many of the stores were open tonight since there was a well lit cruise ship anchored just south west of the Banco Popular. So the streets were full of shoppers, tourists, and sightseers. As we were winding down the streets we noticed that El Paseo la Princesa was also lined with decorated trees with this year's Teddy Bear theme, which was the same motif decorating the lights that criss cross the blue cobble stone streets of Old San Juan. To finish the drive we found an old favorite, a Tastee Freeze truck, parkedd in front of the pier and bought an ice cream which flooded our mouths with countless memories. So glad I got to go!
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