Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Christmas and people protesting, police using tear gas, and clubs at the University of Puerto Rico. Dysfunctional...aggressive, confrontational, and both sides are antagonistic and I don't hear a voice of reason in the whole thing. Not one voice of conciliation.

On the contrary, I hear agitation, voices insulting people in leadership, broadcasters exposing, and rightfully so, the excessive force and police brutality. In fact, some people called these hardliners, repetitions of voices from the past. From the 1970's when there were riots at the University of Puerto Rico. I would know. I was there. The power plays are the same, different players, different issues, but same struggles.

I don't like it. No one likes it. It smells of trouble. It smells of violence. It smells of disgust.

Stop it. Step back. Slow down.

Are there no peacemakers in this country?

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