Sunday, February 21, 2010

Seminole Bike Trail 2





Just discovered a new place to go have breakfast or lunch. The Peach Valley Restaurant in Heathrow FL. Eat inside or out on the patio. It's your choice. The view of the lake behind the restaurant or the rolling hills on the meadow, is breathtaking. What a delightful place to have a restaurant and a bike trail. Today was the perfect day to go since the temperature was in the low 70's. You couldn't have asked for better weather.

Then my friends and I ran into a man with a bag full of carrots. I engaged him in conversation, and I asked him if he didn't mind my taking his picture. "Are these your horses?" to which he said,"yes," but he laughed when I asked their names and jokingly told me, "this one is Blazing and the other Star", and he admitted, they weren't his but that he has been feeding them everyday for four years since he has been living in the condos adjacent to the trail. So they are his "in love." I think the horses know because they came quickly to the fence when he arrived. He got me to feed a horse with a cut up carrot. I am not an expert by any means, and I got my hand slobbered on and almost bit off, but I tried and that is alright! Thank goodness they were such gentle horses and I still have my finger. It was great fun, though. Hope you enjoy the pictures.
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